USAYESS is a non-profit organization and the nation's only all-inclusive youth program which introduces, grows, supports, and educates youth, and their families to firearm safety, shooting sports and wildlife conservation and habitat.


Our Mission:

USA YOUTH EDUCATION in SHOOTING SPORTS (USAYESS) exists to develop, grow, and support state foundations and associations that use hands-on events, shooting sports, wildlife habitat and conservation programs and introduces and educates youth and their families about safe firearm handling, shooting sports, and outdoor conservation and other outdoor activities.



USA Youth Education in Shooting Sports is dedicated to educating youth about outdoor activities primarily through partnerships with Key Conservation Groups as well as local, state, regional, and national competitive youth shooting organizations. Establishing state governance allows each state to grow and adjust their program as they see fit. Our data has shown that boots on the ground do a much better job in implementing, and growing their program. 


Philosophy and Values:

Today’s youth are the caretakers of the future. Therefore, it is important that young adults and their families be exposed to and develop an understanding of responsibility to the outdoors. USAYESS provides events that showcase safety of equipment, and outdoor activities in a fun filled atmosphere. USAYESS will ensure the transformation and educational potential of student athletes with opportunities to practice and compete on a level playing field, and we are committed that those athletic opportunities involve new skills, developing individual goals, planning, potential, and fostering an appreciation of collaboration and teamwork in the competitive arena of athletics. Our member athletes are students first, and foremost.
The well-being of our student athletes is first and foremost. USAYESS strives to develop programs and events that encourage boys and girls to develop camaraderie, practice habits of mind and body that encourage healthy living, and learn valuable life lessons. Every member will strive for excellence in all programs and events; however, we recognize that an excessive emphasis on winning can corrupt true learning and academic values. USAYESS believes that both victory and defeat teach valuable life lessons.
Athletes are students first and athletes second. We hope that athletic competition fosters respect for others, sportsmanship, competition, teamwork, perseverance, and leadership. The priority of our program is to develop educated young men and women of character who are transformed by their experience in athletic competition and then transfer lessons they learned on the athletic fields to lives of service to others.


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  JR ROTC - what it looks like from the 600 yard line.


As with any organization, funding is a top priority. So here are a few proven programs:




USAYESS is proud to have Cabela's as the Title Sponsor of the Family Outdoor Experience events.

Introduced in 2014 our USAYESS Family Outdoor Experience (F.O.E.) events are intended to introduce youth in elementary school through high school and their families to firearm safety, shooting sports, including competitive shooting, wildlife and wildlife habitat conservation. These one day (Saturday) events are free to the general public. Youth get to experience Skeet, Trap, Archery, .22 rifle target shooting and BB Guns while under the care of certified instructors. Conservation groups are on site to teach about outdoor wildlife conservation. If you would like to have a booth at one of these events, please contact us at 831-229-4872.




USAYESS is proud to have Caly Delay as the sponsor of the Caly Delay Challenge.

The challenge is intended to help support the begginer to intermediate athlets at all USAYESS Regional and National tournaments. 




Introduced and designed back in 2000 by Dennis Rohman (Golden State YESS) and Mike Borg, as a fun way to raise funding our Break-A-Clay day is a fun filled one day event that is based on the national program Walk-A-Thon. First introduced in California this event has proven to be a huge and fun event for the team, athletes and community. Simple to implement by soliciting funds based on targets broken. This program is such a huge success that other organizations have picked up on and are designing their own programs. Either way, it's a great fundraiser. Download a model and pledge sheet form:

Break-A-Clay Model

Break-A-Clay Pledge Sheet




For those interested in expanding thier knowledge about the clay target sports, USAYESS offers educational classes and instruction which cover the basic rules of the games, scoring, sportsmanship, ethics, NRA Certification, coaching, and more.


'BREAKING BASICS' ($50 per student)

This is a great one day program which offers an overview covering the basic rules of the games, scoring, sportmansship, ethics, and more.



This certification is open to any youth coach, members of USAYESS or not. Non Member fee is $250

USAYESS requires that each head coach be USAYESS Level I Certified within one year of signing up as a member. Each state association may have different requirements. The USAYESS Level I Shotgun Coach Certification training occurs several times throughout the year. These are two day classes held on Saturday and Sunday. Certification will include one year insurance coverage plus a background check prior to taking course.
See event calendar for the next coaching class. 


 'COACHING FOR SUCCESS' ($275 per student)

This certification is open to any youth coach, members of USAYESS or not. Non Member fee is $250

These clinics are 8 hours session offering coaching direction to intermediate to advanced coaches who are looking to improve their level of coaching skills. Coaches must be at least USAYESS Shotgun Coach Level I certified  or equivilent. Clinics are available in Skeet, Trap, Sporting Clays and International Skeet and Trap. 
Certification will include one year insurance coverage plus a background check prior to taking course.



The USAYESS is host to the Clay Cup Series tournaments which are open to all youth organizations which have a competitive shooting program. USAYESS tournaments showcase the nations best junior clay target athletes from elementary through high school in three (3) divisions; Novice (elementary school), Junior (middle school) and Senior (high school). The College division is handled through our partenr, the Association of College Unions International (ACUI).

Events include; American Skeet, Sporting Clays, American Trap and in some cases, International Skeet and International Trap (Bunker).

Each event are hosted at locations at which the entire family may be able to enjoy with several off-site family destinations.



The Code for Living

Life Principles Learned Through Sports

Because I am a role model and have the opportunity and responsibility to make a difference in the lives of others, I commit to this Code.
I will take responsibility and appropriate actions when I fail to live up to it.

As an individual:
I will develop my skills to the best of my ability and give my best effort in practice and competition.

I will compete within the spirit and letter of the rules of my sport.

I will respect the dignity of every human being, and will not be abusive or dehumanizing of another either as an athlete or as a fan.

As a member of a team:
I will place team goals ahead of personal goals.
I will be a positive influence on the relationships on the team.
I will follow the team rules established by the coach.

As a member of society:
I will display caring and honorable behavior off the field and be a positive influence in my community and world.
I will give of my time, skills, and money as I am able for the betterment of my community and world.



Our annual Break-A-Clay event is a national event which donates a protion of its funds to the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. So please support our athletes for their Break-A-Clay event which takes palce every year on April 26. 




 Benefits of being a USAYESS Member:

• USAYESS is the nation's only all-inclusive youth competitve shooting program.

• USAYESS is the only youth organization which helps establish, support, and recognizes state 501 c (3) organizations.  This allows for statewide support of all youth competitive shooting programs without bias towards any one specific organiztion. By doing so, in partnership with ACUI, USAYESS has helped teams get more funding than any other youth program in the country. USAYESS has funded such teams as: SCTP teams, AIM teams, FFA teams, 4-H teams, and USA High School Clay Target League teams, and many others. 

• USAYESS has the most comprehensive liability insurance program of any youth shooting organization in the nation. $8,000,000 liability which can include free riders for  gun clubs, schools and universities. 

• USAYESS actively partners with ACUI to offer a collegiate component to our  program. ACUI has organized the collegiate clay target program for over 47 years.

• The program is at not cost to the learning institution. The teams raise their own operating budget and have their own insurance. 

•USAYESS offers training and assistance to coaches and teams from coach certification, to fund-raising, to team growth. Including NRA Level I Shotgun Certification, Certified Coaching in American Skeet, Sporting Clays, American Trap, International Skeet and International Trap. 

• USAYESS recognizes,  and supports state affiliates with marketing, promotional material and has an open door policy.

• USAYESS allows all teams and individuals belonging to any youth organization which has a competitve shooting program, to participate in all state, regional, and national events. No National Governing Body membership is required. mean that athletes are not forced to join the NSSA, NSCA, ATA or USAS. 

USAYESS helps any team with setting up their endopwment accounts, getting their EIN number, receiving NRA Grants and more.

• In order for states to grow their programs more efficiently, and effectively, USAYESS state affiliates are encouraged to operate independently of the national organization.

• Online store discounts, event entry fee discounts, industry discounts and more.

• State Affiliates are invited to the annual USAYESS State Association Conference.

• USAYESS offers free recruitment, and marketing material and press releases to its state partners.

• High Schools are strongly encouraged to offer varsity letters and include the school's team picture in their yearbook for athletes competeing in clay targetsports.

USAYESS has a long standing partnership with key conservation groups such as the: Wild Sheep Foundation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Mule Deer Foundation, National Wild Turkey Federation. All of which help support local teams through their 'Adopt A Team' programs.

USAYESS uses iClays for our regional and national championships. States may elect to use this program as well. Thr registration system is designed by the coaches themselves and is user friendly. 

• and more...




Your generous donation will help with scholarship funding, teach youth firearm safety, competitive shooting skills, wildlife conservation, and life skills.

Thank you for your support



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Leadership of USAYESS:

USA Youth Education in Shooting Sports is honored to have extremely talented and gifted people providing direction for the organization. This includes the volunteers, advisory council and board members.

USAYESS is organized and structured to accomplish its mission safely with great passion, efficiency and effectivness.

Our partners and teammates are individually chosen based on their skills, teamwork and dedication to youth education in shooting sports and the outdoors.


Board Members

Mike Borg, Founder and President

Mike was born in Detroit, Michigan and raised on the little island of Malta in the Mediterranean. He is first generation American and proud of both nationalities. Mike lives in Colville, Washington with is wife Leah where they enjoy the outdoor life. They have three children and two grand children. Mike retired from the family business in 2009.

Mike has thirty five years of business experience in the hotel, restaurant, and constuction industry. He was Director of Operations and Training Store Director of three major markets in California and Wyoming with Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers. He owned a multi-unit Wendy’s franchise and  a multi- unit hardwood company.

Mike started shooting skeet at the Fort Ord military base in Monterey, CA in 1976 and became involved in introducing youth to the clay target sports in Monterey California as a Head Coach in 2004 . Mike was a California State Adviser., and Western US Director of Development for a youth shotgun program. While in this position, he helped set up 10 wesertn state associations as non profit 501 c 3's.  

In 2013, Mike founded USA Youth Education in Shooting Sports (USAYESS) as a support foundation to implement, grow, and support state organizations affiliates and  youth organizations which have a competitive shooting program. As well to teach firearm safety, and  wildlife conservation to youth and their famileis nationwide in a fun filled family enviroment.


Tony Nelson, Co-Founder, Secretary

Tony was born and raised in Wenatchee, WA. He has worked for the Chelan County Public Utility District for the past 21 years , operating and maintaining Hydro facilities an the Columbia River.

He got back into the shotgun sports with his son five years ago when he started bird hunting. He then became interested with shooting American and International Skeet. He’s been involved with natioanl organizations educating youth about firearm satey and competitive shooting sports.Tony is also an NRA Certified Level I Shotgun Coach, and has had the opportunity to experience matches around the country, from state to the national level, including Olympic selection matches.


Regina Bischoff, Treasurer

Regina resides in Colville, WA with her husband, daughter and son. She enjoys the outdoors and volunteers with key conservation groups such as the local chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, the local youth marksmanship program and other community organizations.


Talia Darby, Co-Founder

Talia Darby grew up in northern California where she was introduced to competitive shooting at bthe age of 14 and an alternative to water polo. Talia had the opportunity to be coached by some of the world's best; includingTodd Bender, the laste Wayne Mays, Bill Burke and Dan Lewis. talia was the nation's first NRA Level I Junior Shotgun Instructor; certified by Don Sipes, NRAChief Shotgun Trainer.a was very successful in the shooting worl; Two-Time SCTP National Champion, California State Skeet Champion, Zone 7 Skeet Champion, Four-Time Collegiate National Champion (Lindenwood University), and NSSA World Champion.

Talia is a Senior Coordinator of Settlement Operations with Master Card is St. Louis, MO. Talai and her husband Jared enjoy the outdoors and helping introduce youth to shotgun sports.


Deborah Hartman, Co-Founder 

Deborah grew up in Indiana and came to the great Northwest 20 years ago. It wasn’t until Deborah moved to Montana that she  fired her first shot. She instantly fell in love with the shooting sports, and wants all Americans, young and old, to be able to have the same love of the shooting sports that she has. Deborah is also grateful that our founding fathers included the ability for all Americans to be able to defend themselves, their property, and their freedom by owning and bearing arms. She believe it is encumbered upon us to pass on the same knowledge and love of shooting sports to the next generation. Deborah hopes to use her orgizational and marketing skills to help youth be able to grow with all the competitive shooting venues.

Deborah is an NRA  Certified Level I Shotgun Coach and founding member of  USAYESS. She also hosts several clinics which introduce women and youth to tirearm safety and shotgun sports...


Rose Ackley, Board Member

 Rose Ackley grew up as an Air Force brat until she was fifteen. After her father retired, they settled on a huge dairy and beef farm in Wisconsin. This is where she got the love for hunting and the outdoors. She worked as an elementary teacher for 30 years and retired in 2013. She is married to Scott and they have two children and two grandsons!

Not until her son and daughter started shooting, did she get involved with shotgun sports. The love for the sport has gotten her extremely involved! She is the secretary of the Ruby Mountain Clay Breakers, she is a co-advisor for NVYESS with her Husband Scott, is the Western Regional Advisor for USAYESS, is a NRA Certified Level 1 Shotgun Coach, on the USAYESS Guidebook committee, and is on the iClays scoring program committee.
Rose also oversees USAYESS participation at the Wild Sheep Foundation, Western Hunting & Conservation Expo - Mule Deer Foundation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Shows and Family Outdoor Experience events on the western US.



Directors of Development

Western Region: Rose Ackley

Midwest Region: Dave Stunkel

South Central: Roger Guerra

Great Lakes Region: TBD

North Eastern Region: TBD

Southern Region: Ellie Sellin

Alaskan Region: Neil Moss



National State Partner Advisory Committee

Neil Moss (AK)| Marc Billen (CA)| Jenny Merill (OR)| Craig Hancock (GA)| Hal Norris (MI)| Dennis Diaz (FL)| Chris Gerber (SD) | Bill White (ID)| TBD (MN)| Tim O'Connor (NE)|  Scott Ackley, Committee Chair (NV)| Jenny Merrill (OR)|  Tim Sellin (TN)| Debbie Guerra (TX)| Brian Beard (AL)| Charles Worthing (WA)  | Chris Gerber (SD) | Dennis Diaz (FL)| Steve Duncan (NC) | Keith Woelffer (SC)| Crystal Drennan (NM)| Gary Hart (LA)| Dave Hartman (VA)


Program & Handbook Committee

Tim Sellin 


Scoring Program Committee




Rose Ackley


Chief Shotgun Instructor (Easter US (east of the mississippi)

Sam Thomas

Chief Shotgun Instructor (Western US (west of the mississippi)

David Fielder 



USAYESS Pro-Staff & Affiliate Coaches

USAYESS proudly supports USA Shooting and its athletes.






Craig Hancock

Coach Hancock is a former shooter himself and gave it up to train his son, 3x World Champion and 2x Olympic Gold Medalist, Vincent Hancock, when Vincent decided at age 12 that he wanted to win the Olympics. Craig has since trained many junior students who have climbed the ladder of success, many of which have either made the US National Team, US Junior National Team, or the US National Junior Development Team, some of which hold National and World Records.

Coach Hancock continuously studies and researches many aspects of mental and physical conditioning as he strives for excellence in order to teach his athletes to be the best they can be.


Wordwide Coaching

NRA Level 1 Shotgun Coach Certification

Youth High School and Club Team Development

Hancock Shooting Acacdemy website: Click Here



Talia Darby

Nationa's first  NRA Shotgun Level 1 Jr Coach

2 Time High School National Skeet Champion

4 Time Colegiate  National Champion 

CA State Jr Ladies Champion

CA State Ladies Champion

Zone 7 Skeet Laries Champion

Krieghoff Masters Ladies Champion

World Skeet Ladies Champion

 Missouri area coaching

Emil: taliaborg@yahoo.com

Phone: (831) 521-9984





Todd Walter

Todd is the current Assistant Coach at Lincoln Southwest High School Trap Team
President of the Nebraska State Sporting Clays Association
USAYESS Affiliate Coach
Coach Walter has coached several NSCA All Americans including his son Chase the past 11 years.


Nationwide Coaching

Email: TW@twssinc.com
Phone: 402-560-2320 



Chase Walter

Current member of National Champion Lindenwood Shotgun Team
2016 ACUI National Champion in Sporting Clays.
2016 ACUI All American 1st Team
2015 ACUI All American 3rd Team

Nationwide Coaching

Email: TW@twssinc.com
Phone: 402-560-2320 Cell phone


Michael Maskell

Two Time Olympian for Barbados in Skeet

Email: maskellshotgunacademy@gmail.com

Phone: (812) 322-6905



Rick Omohundro

Tennessee area coaching

Email: rickb270@aol.com

Phone: (615) 473-4651


Mike Borg

NRA Level 1 Shotgun Coach Ceetification

Youth High School and Claub Team Development

Nationwide Coaching

Email: mike@usayess.org

Phone: (831) 229-4872 






P.O. Box 1022  |   Colville, WA  99114  |  PHONE:   831-229-4872  |  FAX:   509.684.6349