March 8, 2018 (Colville, WA) – USA Youth Education in Shooting Sports (USAYESS) is proud to announce LAYMAN as a new sponsor. "Brands That Perform" means something at Lyman. Performance means more than just getting the job done. It means delivering value while advancing technology. Most importantly, it means listening to the needs of shooters and reloaders. In fact, the development of their products is most often directly linked to the feedback they get from their customers and the retailers who supply them. Whether pioneering the use of digital technology in reloading tools or reintroducing "antique" calibers and bullet moulds, Lyman continues to improve and innovate the tools and accessories used by serious shooters and reloaders.





We are excited to announce that we will offer a Matching Program in 2018 that will benefit shooting teams in our Team Endowment Program. Larry and Brenda Potterfield will, once again, fund this program. Every matching dollar contributed through this program will come from their passion and commitment to youth shooting sports.

The 2018 Matching Program has evolved and we want everyone to understand the new details. Each month we have $60,000 to match donations made to Team Endowments. Every donation will be matched, it is not a 'first come, first served' program. The ratio of the match will change each month based on total contributions to Team Endowments made in that month. For example, in January, donations to Team Endowments totaled $96,651.50, so every donation was matched at a rate of $.62.

We are also excited to tell you that donations stemming from our free fundraising products will also be matched.Very soon we will have many new products for your team to use for your fundraising efforts.

You can review additional details about our 2018 Matching Program on our website and never hesitate to send any questions our way; Good luck growing your MidwayUSA Foundation Team Endowment in 2018! We are changing the future of youth shooting sports.










Elm Fork Shooting Team (TX), Champions



Nebraska One Box Rock Crushers (NE), Runner-Up


Phanthom Sure Shots (AZ), 3rd Place





Haylyn Hanks, Ladies HAA Champion 

Karen Shedd, Ladies HAA Runner-Up

Mary Tibbs, Ladies HAA 3r Place



Clay Roberts, Men's HAA Champion

Nathan Barron, HAA Mens Runner-Up

Caset Sartor, HAA Mens 3rd Place





Senior Ladies All-American Team

Haylyn Hanks (TX), Captian

Karen Shedd (AZ)

Mary Tibbs (TX)

Allyn Willis (TX)

Callan Seale (TX)


Senior Men All-American Team


Clay Roberts (TX), Captian

Nathon Barron (WA)

Caset Sartor (TX)

Nolan Marcus (TX)

Eric Zingg (AZ)


Ladies Junior All-American Team

Emily Shedd (AZ), Captian

Allyssa Bishop (NV)

Blair Jensen (WA)

Kaitly Stuard (TX)

Sydney Noga (TX)


Mens Junior All-American Team

Jacob Uphoff (NE), Captian

Cort West (NE)

Owen Robertson (TX)

Kenneth Kelly (AZ)

Jackson Switzer (TX)


Ladies Novice All-American Team

Mackinzie Lam (AK), Captian

Keira Tilly (AZ)

Callie Hollingworth (NV)

Haily Neave (TX)


Mens Novice All-American Team

Carson Devers (TN), Captian

Gregory Baack (TX)

Stephen Hendrix (AZ)

Isaiah Weakley (TN)

Jack Katsenes (AZ)



Spencer Fairchild, Champion

Skyler Rogers, Runner-Up

Blair Jensen, 3rd Place



Grant Taylor, Champion

Nolan Marcus, Runner-Up

Hayly Hanks, 3rd Place



James Bushnell & Nathon Barron, Champions

Brock Betzler & Jack Peterson, Runner-Up

Bennet Gall & Cameron Swutzer, 3rd Place


SCHOLAERSHIP RECIPIENTS (Sponsored By Association of College Unions International)

Clay Robertson

Haylyn Hanks



Mackinze Lam, Blaser F16 with Briley sub gauge tubes, Graco adjustale stock and butt-plate with KickEEZ recoil pad & Americase

Caylin Emery, Kimber 1911 Eclipse Target II 45 ACP

Donna Jensen, Gun Safe

Jean Koenig, MEC Reloader

Gary Russel, 3-Lens Pilla Shooting Glasses

Tom Davi, Outdoor Edge 12 Knife Set

Scott Ackley, Americase Gun Case

Larry Perkins, NWTF Knife Set

Chandler Peay, ALPA OUTDOORZ Grand Slam Turkey Vest







The first five (5) new USAYESS teams containing a minimum of five (5) athletes in the states of Florida, South Dakota, New Mexico, Colorado, and Maryland to open new endowment accounts will each receive $1,000 in endowment funding.



The first five (5) USAYESS teams containing a minimum of five (5) athletes in the states of Florida, South Dakota, New Mexico, Colorado, and Maryland that send endowment funds to the USAYESS organization are eligible to each receive a 1:1 match donation of up to $1,500. USAYESS will forward funds to the MidwayUSA Foundation where the team's original $1,500 will be matched 2:1. Totaling a team deposit of $6,000.

Teams must include the exact team name as is on their MidwayUSA Foundation Endowment Account and Team account number.

Please send funds to:

USAYESS - Matching

P.O. Box 1022 C

Colville, WA 99114

All checks must be made out to USAYESS in order to receive match donation.

Funds may be earned from raffles, yard sales, private donations, etc.

For FREE raffle items from the MidwayUSA Foundation: click here



Recently a parent responded to a question he was asked:


"One of my friends asked "Why do you pay so much money for your kid to shoot clay targets”?

Well I have a confession to make; I don't pay for my kid to shoot clay targets.

So, if I am not paying for clay target shooting, what am I paying for?

- I pay for those moments when my daughter becomes so tired she wants to quit but doesn't.

- I pay for those days when my daughter comes home from school and is "too tired" to go to the clay fields, but goes anyway.

- I pay for my daughter to learn to be disciplined, focused, and dedicated.

- I pay for my daughter to learn to take care of her body and equipment.

- I pay for my daughter to learn to work with others and to be good team mates, gracious in defeat, and    humble in success.

- I pay for my daughter to learn to deal with disappointment, when she doesn't get that win she'd hoped for, but she goes back week after week giving it her best shot.

- I pay for my daughter to learn to make and accomplish goals.

- I pay for my daughter to respect, not only herself, but other shooters, officials and coaches.

- I pay for my daughter to learn that it takes hours and hours, years and years, of hard work and practice to create a champion and that success does not happen overnight.

- I pay for my daughter to be proud of small achievements, and to work towards long term goals.

- I pay for the opportunity my daughter has and will have to make life-long friendships, create lifelong memories, to be as proud of their achievements as I am.

- I pay so that my daughter can be out on the clay field instead of in front of a screen...

...I could go on but, to be short, I don't pay for clay target shooting; I pay for the opportunity that provides my daughter to develop attributes that will serve her well throughout her life and give her the opportunity to bless the lives of others. From what I have seen so far........
I think it is a great investment!"

Mike Pup



Since 2010 Larry and Brenda have made it their mission to help grow youth shooting across the country. The key word is HELP. The plan was never to be the sole provider of team funding. The Foundation today has about 3200 teams with endowed accounts. The sad part of this unequalled generosity is that only about 1100 are drawing grants. Even worse, only about 500 teams are contributing to their team's own future. These accounts were not intended to create a welfare program.

We must all work to get more communities engaged in supporting their local team's endowment accounts! The most important factor for 2018 needs to be the number of teams engaged in helping themselvesthis year.

Team engagement means having a community and home club that supports the team and be actively involved in adding to their endowed account. This can be through fund raising events, sponsors, recurring gifts or any form of adding non Potterfield Family money to their account. The MidwayUSA Foundtion offers raffles items to teams for free for crying out loud. If the team doesn't need the money, they should withdraw the 5% and redeposit's matched 2:1! Not doing so is simply being lazy...sorry, but I can't find any other reason not to take advantage of the Potterfields generosity.

I'm sure that there will be a point in time when Larry and Brenda will turn their gifting to other areas so it is critical that agencies and teams find ways to grow their endowments to be able to sustain their goals without support from the Potterfields.

If state agencies are not sure which teams in their state are engaged in helping themselves, please contact the Foundation for a list and help engage more teams in securing their financial future.

Jeff McLure: 573-447-5959

USAYESS has helped get many state aagencies started in order to get more funds to teams. It's time for teams to start helping themselves.



Mike Borg, President USAYESS




Post 4 Sport Glasses is the premier manufacturer of shooting and sports glasses specializing in titanium sport frames. Providing custom crafted prescription and non-prescription sports lenses in a wide array of colors for every condition.
Only Post 4 Sport Glasses have these features:

  • Titanium Frames are stronger & lighter and more durable than spring steel, more comfortable and will retain their shape better.

  • Custom crafted prescription and non-prescription sports lenses manufactured on-site.

  • Individually custom ground for precise optics.

  • A multitude of lens colors available, easily interchangeable for all conditions & situations.

  • Titanium temples are fitted with cushioned, wrap-around earpieces for added comfort.

  • Soft, silicone nose pads included to ensure a firm fit. 


For youth member pricing, please sign into your Member Area.

For more information, to visit their website, or to purchase you eyeware click here 




Best in class

Perfectly balanced, with the lowest profile receiver on the market, the Blaser F16 comes along racy, elegant and extremely pointable at the same time. The all new F16 is immediately best in its class!

It is the unique combination of excellent characteristics which makes the all new Blaser over-and-under shotgun F16 second to none. With the lowest profile receiver on the market the F16 boasts an exceptionally low centre of gravity, making it extraordinary pointable and dynamic. This is boosted by the accentuated dynamic, semi-rounded action design, devised using an innovative monocoque construction. The shooter feels immediately the difference when picking up the shotgun. The best prerequisite for becoming a better shot!

Besides the intuitive pointability, the newly developed tapered rib supports the pheripheral vision of the shooter and results in a faster target acquisition. The Triplex® bore design and the proven Blaser ejection system (EBS®), which cocks the ejectors when the gun is opened, allows the shooter to focus on what is really important: hitting the next target. The fast mechanics and a crisp trigger pull (1,650 grams/3 lb.10oz.) allow for a fast transition from thought impulse to ignition.

With the accustomed reliability, the Inertial Block System (IBS®) prevents without any compromise an involuntary second shot or the unintentional triggering of a second shot while maintaining a superb trigger pull.

Modern production operations, the use of high-strength materials and the technological perfection Blaser is so well-known for, make the F16 a highly reliable and long-lasting shotgun for the range or in the field.

The Sporting version, which weighs just over 7 lb 8 oz. (3.4 kg), is available with 30” or 32” inch barrels, while the Game version weighs approximately 6.1 lb 13 oz. (3.1 kg) and is available with 28” or 29” barrels


For those clubs which enjoy four seasons, Clay Delay has the perfect skeet's wireless!!! Yes, no more cord to get hung up in the snow!!!


To learn more about this product and much here


 We've tested it in practice and in's worked flawlessly. 

"It's the best thing since sliced bread. Never had a problem with it." Craig Hancock, Hancock Shooting Academy

"This is exactly what we needed for our winter events. We don't have to drag a cord around through the snow. I highly recommend other clubs to look into Clay Delay products." Bill Campbell, President, Fort Colville Gun Club, Colville WA

"We use it extensivly because it cuts down on the set-up time which allows for more paractice time. We also use the voice call when athletes work alone on stations. We've used Caly Delay Auto-Puller for over eight years now, and never had a problem with any of their products." Mike Borg, USAYESS President

"I use it when I travel to other clubs and there's no one to pull for me. It works great and allows me to concentrate of what I'm doing at my own pace." Charles 'Chic' Worthing





 Apply for your MidwayUSA Foundation Grant

We are currently accepting grant applications and your shooting team is eligible. Your grant payout will be based on your MidwayUSA Foundation Team Endowment Account balance on December 15th, but you can apply anytime! Even after you apply you can continue to grow your account with donations and fundraisers to increase your payout!

Once your grant application is complete, emailing it to us is the quickest way to submit [] but you can also mail it or fax it. We'll be in touch about the process but please email us if you don't receive a confirmation within 2 weeks of your submittal.

Don't miss your chance to fund your shooting team. Apply for your grant today.

Together, we're changing the future of youth shooting sports.

Western US Program Manager (west of the Mississippi): Jeff McClure; (573) 447-5959





If you do not intend to use any endowment funds or where not planning on making a withdraw from you account, we highly recommend that you still withdraw your 5% and simply send the funds back to the foundation. They will match it 1:1. Yes, you will double you money!!!

If you do a raffle; you might be able to send your funds in to your state and the will match it up to a certain amount. They will then turn around and send the funds to the foundation who will also match your original deposit. Yes, it becomes a 2:1 match!!!

Instead of ordering one item to raffle off, order the whole set and have one large raffle. Your odds of making more money inprove tremendously. 

Find a local business to sponsor your raffle tickets and put thier logo on the tickets.

To see the current raffle items available  click here

If you can not do raffles in your state, you are encouraged to do any type of fundraising and MidwayUSA Foundation will still match any funds sent in 1:1.




Columbia, MO – Over sixty people gathered in Columbia, Missouri October 14th and 15th to celebrate the youth shooting sports industry. The MidwayUSA Foundation hosted partners from across the nation at its annual Youth Shooting Partners Conference.
“To accomplish our mission of helping communities fund their youth shooting teams, we rely on the assistance of partners, both at the state and national level. These partners are hosting competitions, helping create more teams and assisting with fundraisers, so we wanted to bring them together to say thank you and offer more tools to help grow and sustain youth shooting sports,” said Randy Moeller, MidwayUSA Foundation Executive Director. The two-day conference, held annually, covered information about MidwayUSA Foundation programs, 501(c)(3) tips, fundraising ideas, and offered all the partners a chance to network and speak about their respective programs.

(L to R): Tim Sellin; TNYESS President, Larry and Brenda; Potterfield MidwayUSA founders, Ellie Sellin; USAYESS South eastern Regional Director.


(L to R): Scott Ackley; NVYESS President, Rose Ackley USAYESS Western Regional Director, Jeff McClure; MidwayUSA Foundation Western US.


Sharon Roddey, South Carolina Youth Shooting Foundation Director, spoke about her experience at the conference. “Meeting with others that have a likeminded vision, as well as sharing ideas and learning during the conference, enabled us [partners] to have a better understanding of the programs and opportunities available. The conference provided us with tools to assist in making our teams and agencies successful in growing their MidwayUSA Foundation Team and Agency Endowment Accounts. It is an honor to be associated with an organization that is working to ensure a legacy for youth shooting.”
The MidwayUSA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity working to sustain the shooting sports industry by providing long-term funding to youth shooting teams. High school and college shooting teams each have a Team Endowment Account that they grow with donations, fundraisers, and earnings. Then, each year, they are eligible to receive a grant to assist with team expenses. Every donation made is 100% tax deductible and is matched by the MidwayUSA Foundation’s matching program.
For more information about how the MidwayUSA Foundation is changing the future of youth shooting sports, please visit or call 1-877-375-4570.



San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Junior Shoot-Out

The 2017 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Junior Shoot-Out wil introduce an Open Division. The Open division will be in Make-A-Break, the PSCA Junior Tour Qualifier, and Super Sporting. The Open division events and awards will be open to all USAYESS teams, regardless of residency. Scholarship evemts will continue to be close to FFA and 4-H teams.


Cabela’s Outdoor Fund Grant Helps Provide Gun Locks to State Agencies through NSSF’s Project ChildSafe Program

PITTSBURGH, Penn. — The National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®) will make Project ChildSafe gun locks and safety education literature available to all 50 state fish and wildlife agencies in 2016, thanks to a generous grant through the Cabela’s Outdoor Fund.


The Cabela’s Outdoor Fund awarded an $80,000 grant to the Project ChildSafe Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. The grant provides state fish and wildlife agencies access to Project ChildSafe materials to further promote gun safety to hunters and target shooters, with an emphasis on distributing gun locks and safety literature in hunter education classes.


“We could not be more appreciative of this generous grant made possible through the Cabela’s Outdoor Fund and for their support for our Project ChildSafe program, which provides genuine firearm safety education and can help save lives,” said NSSF President and CEO Steve Sanetti. “State agencies and hunter education instructors regularly ask for Project ChildSafe locks and literature, and now, thanks to the Cabela’s Outdoor Fund grant, we can help meet that demand for firearm safety materials.”


As a result of the Cabela’s Outdoor Fund grant, more than 52,000 Project ChildSafe cable-style gun locks will be provided to state agencies, along with firearm safety literature, infographics, pledges and a DVD containing five gun safety videos. NSSF will supplement the grant with additional gun locks and literature for state agencies.


“As a firearms retailer, Cabela’s has always made safe firearms handling and storage a top priority,” said Scott Wanetka, Vice President of Cabela’s Outdoor Fund. “We are proud to support the Project ChildSafe program and the important work that is being done to keep firearm safety top of mind through the distribution of gun locks and safety education materials.”


Cabela’s references the Project ChildSafe program as a resource for gun safety materials in its Own Responsibly   firearm safety initiative.



Cabela’s Outdoor Fund

Cabela’s Outdoor Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to efforts that promote and protect hunting, shooting sports, trapping, fishing, camping and conservation. This fund is possible through donations from generous Cabela’s customers who choose to “round up” their purchases to the nearest dollar at Cabela’s stores. The Cabela’s Outdoor Fund contributes to other like-minded organizations in communities across the country working to make the great outdoors even better.


About NSSF

The National Shooting Sports Foundation is the trade association for the firearms industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of more than 13,000 manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen’s organizations and publishers. For more information, visit


Project ChildSafe

Project ChildSafe is a national firearm safety education program that has distributed more than 37 million firearm safety kits that include a gun lock and safety brochure through 15,000 law enforcement departments since 1999. It also promotes continuous reminders of responsible ownership through its “Own It? Respect It. Secure It.” campaign. A range of gun safety resources can be found at


USAYESS in partnership with NVYESS, TNYESS and UTYESS, attended the Wild Sheep Convention in Reno, NV, the Western hunting & Conservation Expo / Mule Deer Convention in Salt Lake City, UT and the National Wild Turkey Convention in Nashville, TN.


All three events were a huge success with over 14,000 youth and adults visiting our USAYESS booths at the three locations. We thank our conservation partners for their continued support and inviting USAYESS to their events. Together we are making a difference.





High School Letter Program Template Click here



Over the years I and very possible you, have heard many senior coaches telling their students not to shoot anything other than what they are competeing in. Well...that used to be okay in the stone age when high schools and colleges did not have competitive clay target programs. Now a days, that has all changed, and it does the athlete, and they are athletes, a disservice to only teach them or allow them to learn only one discipline.They should also compete at different events in and outside their state.

As these learing institutions are starting to allow athletes to compete in clay target competiotions, and offering scholarships, after high school athletes may comtinue their sport in college ( A few years ago a 3.0 gpa and a good trap, skeet or sporting clay average and some state, regional and national titles, earned an athlete a shooting scholarship. Now a days that has all changed, and it's more that a 3.4 gpa and an athletes needs to be good not in just one discipline, but good in all of them. So much so that it is becoming more and more important that these athletes be familiar or efficient in International Skeet and Trap. Case in point, Lindenwood University. Teams at times have been well ahead of Lindenwood after the American events. Then the boom is lowered in the International games. More and more colleges are realizing that they must recruite well reounded clay target shooters and ones who can hold their own in the International games. Just being good in American games might not land a scholarship. And just to be clear on this scholarship thing; the scholarships are academic scholarships, the shooting part is extra. The better the gpa,the better the scholarship.


I found this circulating on social media and thought that it might help clear some things up.

 A recent chart has been circulating Twitter regarding Urban Meyer’s football recruits at Ohio State.  I pulled the picture from @ohiovarsity, but I’ve seen it in many places already.  At any rate, here it is:


Embedded image permalink

In my time as a multi-sport coach and AD at various sized schools, I’ve often heard kids who are dropping one sport in order to “focus” on another.

My response to all of those kids is simple.  When college coaches speak to high school coaches, one of the first questions often asked is, “What other sports does he/she play?”  I can remember college football coaches coming to high school basketball games to see our kids play, and there are often college coaches at high school track meets watching kids compete.

Every now and then I hear the argument that college coaches prefer kids to spend all of their time preparing for one sport.  I agree that there are probably some coaches like that, but they are in the LARGE minority.  More so than having acute, specialized, sport-specific knowledge, college coaches are interested in other aspects of high school athletes:
– How does he/she move?
– How does he/she think?
– How does he/she work with teammates?
– How does he/she deal with adversity?  (This is much easier to witness in a sport in which the athlete is not being recruited!)
– How does an athlete COMPETE?

I love that this picture has gone viral, and I love that it comes from a major program.  Multi-sport kids are important to programs at every level from DI down to D3.  Think about it from a coaches’ perspective:
– What football coach wouldn’t want a kid to have the balance that wrestling teaches?  Or the change of direction that basketball teaches?  Or the hand-eye coordination that baseball teaches?  Or the competitive drive that track teaches?
– What hockey coach wouldn’t want that same hand-eye coordination from baseball?  Or endurance from cross country or soccer?  Or ability to explode from track?
– What volleyball coach wouldn’t want the increased communication skills that basketball teaches?  Or that same explosion learned from track?
And I’m only speaking of sports that are offered in most schools, big or small.  That endurance can come from soccer, cross country, swimming, or track.  Hand/eye coordination?  Not only from baseball or softball, but also from tennis, basketball, volleyball, and hockey.  The ability to balance that I mentioned for wrestlers?  Also a huge skill for gymnasts.  Change of direction?  Basketball, soccer, tennis, softball, volleyball, and football.  The examples are non-stop.

Outside of learning those skills and attributes across sport lines, how about being able to play for fun?  As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post (here), it’s extremely difficult to advance from one level to the next in any single sport.  There’s a really good chance that middle school and high school are the last chances that athletes will have to play many different sports.  If a kid enjoys playing a sport, middle/high school is the time to play it!

A quick search for multi-sport athletes will field a ton of examples and quotes.  Here were some of my favorites:

“If a sport has a high point of the year, it must be the first week of spring. When I was growing up, I used to love this time of year. It was when I put my hockey equipment away and I was absolutely ecstatic to see the end of the hockey season. One of the worst things to happen to the game, in my opinion, has been year-round hockey and, in particular, summer hockey. All it does for kids, as far as I can tell, is keep them out sports they should be doing in the warmer weather. I could hardly wait to get my lacrosse stick out and start throwing the ball against the walls and working on our moves as we played the lacrosse equivalent to road hockey. All the good hockey players seemed to play lacrosse in those days and everyone of them learned something from the game to carry over to the other – things athletes can only learn by mixing up the games they play when they are young.”
— Wayne Gretzky (pretty decent hockey player)

“The first questions I’ll ask about a kid are, “What other sports does he play? What does he do? What are his positions? Is he a big hitter in baseball? Is he a pitcher? Does he play hoops?” All of those things are important to me. I hate that kids don’t play three sports in high school. I think that they should play year-round and get every bit of it that they can through that experience. I really, really don’t favor kids having to specialize in one sport. Even here, I want to be the biggest proponent for two-sport athletes on the college level. I want guys that are so special athletically, and so competitive, that they can compete in more than one sport.” – Pete Carroll, USC football coach at the time of the quote, now head coach for the Seattle Seahawks
“Today, a lot of kids individualize in a specific sport. I think one of the things that helped me most was playing everything. I played basketball, I played football, I ran track. I even played soccer one year, [and] I played baseball. I think it allowed me to recruit different muscles [and] work on different things that I normally wouldn’t. And, it gave me a greater appreciation for the sport that I’ve come to love.” – Larry Fitzgerald, WR for the Arizona Cardinals

“The early teens are a difficult age because definitely you want your kids to grow up and do whatever they want to do; you don’t want to push them too hard in one particular sport. My parents allowed me to play volleyball and softball and basketball and soccer at one time and I loved it. I was playing all these other sports so it wasn’t too much wear on the soccer field and it wasn’t too much wear on a repetitive exercise.” – Alex Morgan, USA Women’s Soccer



October 1st, 2015

Colville, WA

USAYESS's first National Sweepstakes came to a close at 5:00 pm

USAYESS would like to thank our sponsors for supporting this event:

Blaser USA

Summit Safe Co.

MEC Reloaders

Briley Mfg.


Graco Corporation


Pilla Shooting Eyeware


Sweepstake Winners:

Grand Prize: Paul Syme (left) - Blaser F3 Package

Thank you to BlaserUSA Blaser F3 Super Sport, Briley Manufacturing Briley Ultra-Light Tube Set, Americase Custom Gun Case, Graco Corporation, and Kick-EEZ.


2nd Prize: Howie Kubik - Summit Denali Safe

Thank You Summit Safes


3rd Prize: Roy Sammut - Blaser R8 with upgraded wood, Zeiss Scope, Graco buttplate, and leather sling


4th Prize: Stan Flugel - WA

MEC 9000 - Thank you MEC



5th: Roy Sammut - Americase 

6th: Tresha Landers - Pilla Shooting Glasses (3 Lens set) 

7th: Neil Moss - Zeiss Binoculars 

8th: Debbie Guerra - Zeiss Binoculars 

9th: Jason McConkey - Pilla Shooting Glasses (Single Lens) 

10th: David Stoddard- Pilla Shooting Glasses (Single Lens) 


Congratulations to all the winners and your supprot is greatly appreciated. And Thank you to everyone who participated in the program. 



HOW ABOUT USA Shooting Shotgun Athlete MORGAN CRAFT?


Morgan started shooting international skeet at 14 years old but before that she began shooting rifles in 4H when she was seven years old because her father and paternal grandparents were instructors for 4H. In high school, she began 4H shotgun and joined the Sullivan County High School shotgun sports team. She earned a varsity letter in shooting was introduced to international skeet by Charlie Ziegler and honed her skill later with the late BJ McDaniel.

In addition to shooting, she also enjoys skiing and hunting. Morgan was also a member of her high school's soccer and basketball teams. Graduated in 2015 from Lindenwood University majoring in Exercise Science with a career objective to be a physician's assistant in cardiology.

Credits Lindenwood University Sports Psychology professor Paul Wright as an important ingredient in her string of recent success. "He has one of the best personalities and teaching techniques I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. He's extremely inspiring with all of his stories of brilliant athletic performances, is ALWAYS positive, and can make anyone laugh continuously. He taught me a lot about myself in my sport and every time I leave his office I feel even more inspired to be a better athlete and just a better person in general."

Earned a 2016 Olympic Team nomination in September 2015 through USA Shooting's Olympic Points system as a result of her World Championship golden performance and backed by silver and bronze-medal performances in back-to-back World Cup events in 2015. She didn't finish outside the top-eight internationally once in five events.

Lists two favorite quotes from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

"Do not follow where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
"Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you.   You have to win it!"

Competition Highlights

2016 Olympic Team member
2015 World Champion
2015 World Cup Gabala, Silver Medalist
2015 World Cup Larnaca, Bronze Medalist
2014 USA Shooting National Championships Gold Medalist
2013 USA Shooting National Championships Bronze Medalist
2013 USA Shooting National Championships Junior Champion
2013 Spring Selection Match Bronze Medalist
2012 World Cup Tucson, 4th Place
2011 World Clay Target Championships, Junior Bronze Medalist and Team Gold Medal
2011 Fall Selection, Silver Medalist
2011 National Championships, Junior Bronze Medalist
2010 Fall Selection Junior Silver Medalist
2010 National Championships, Junior Bronze Medalist


Wednesday, September 16, 2015
Mike Borg, President and Executive Director of the USA Youth Educations in Shooting Sports Foundation (USAYESS), has announced that USAYESS has added the South Carolina Youth Shooting Foundation (SCYSF) as a USAYESS State Affiliate. SCYSF with 38 teams and over 500 athletes is one of the nation's premier state youth shooting organizations. The SCYSF alliance brings the USAYESS National organization to 30 state affiliates, 289 teams, and close to 3000 athletes. "USA Youth Education in Shooting Sports is both honored and excited to have South Carolina Youth Shooting Sports Foundation as a partner. David Chesnutt and his board have worked extremely hard to implement and develop a top notch statewide youth program in South Carolina. We look forward to a long lasting partnership with David and his team." Said Mike Borg.

By joining USAYESS South Carolina Youth Shooting Foundation allows its teams to enjoy all the advantages of belonging to a fast growing national organization. USAYESS affiliates enjoy reduced entry fees to the four USAYESS regional events, and the USAYESS National Championships. In addition, USAYESS offers coach certification and training, team support, endowment funding, and a second to none liability and medical insurance policy. David Chesnutt President of SCYSF said "We are excited to affiliate with USAYESS. This alliance with a National Organization will allow our state program to grow and get even stronger. We chose USAYESS because of its long time commitment to youth shooting and its policy of allowing all youth shooting organizations to participate in USAYESS events. The South Carolina Youth Shooting Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was started to enable youth an opportunity to enjoy the art of clay target shooting. The goal of SCYSF is to allow youth to enjoy the outdoors and to learn safety with firearms, accuracy, and to meet other youth shooters from around the state and now around the nation. The program instills life skills such as respect, ethics, sportsmanship, teamwork, focus, dedication, and commitment to its athletes.USAYESS is a nonprofit educational association which introduces, grows, supports and educates youth and coaches about the shooting sports and wildlife conservation. The mission of USAYESS is to use hand-on events, competitive shooting sports, wildlife and habitat conservation programs to introduce and educate young people about safe firearm handling and outdoor activities that they and their families can share together for a lifetime.For more information, please contact Mike Borg, President and Executive Director, 831.229.4872 or email




Team National Champions - Victoria 4-H Shotgun Club, TX

Runner-Up - Spokane Youth Competitve Shooting Team, WA

3rd Place - Team KAT Legacy, TN



Ladies Champion - Melissa Barringer

Ladies Runner-Up - Rachel Barringer

Ladies 3rd Place - Abbigail Denmark



Men's Champion - Hayden Webel

Men's Runner-Up - Blayne Scallon

Men's 3rd Place - Jake Hamm


For full list of results click here


National Sweepstakes Early Bird winners held on July 4th

Early Bird Grand Prize: Tresha Landers - TN

2nd place winner: 

3rd place winner: John Goering - WA



J&S Ammo Price list

J&S Wholesale, dealing in shotgun sport supplies since 1965 is offering all USAYESS teams Rio, Estate and Federal Top Gun shotshells for $55.90 per case for a 30 case minimum. To take advantage of generous offer for your team call Toll Free 800-641-8484 or click here



Starting next month USAYESS will have a full page advertisment in a national magazine...ADVENTURE OUTDOORS MAGAZINE, published twice a year, is packed with information that encompasses the lifestyle of the outdoorsman and outdoorswoman. This magazine will take you on the ultimate outdoor adventure.

‚ÄčAll magazines published by David-Jacobs Publishing Group, LLC are distributed nationally via newsstands, book stores, retail outlets, grocery stores, airports, online and are available in waiting rooms throughout the U.S. 

Our intenet is to reach families that are not directly involved in or are aware of youth organizations that have a youth competitve shooting program vs preaching to the choir. Please let us know what you think of the advertisment. USAYESS is greatful for the support of Adventure Outdoors and DAVID & JACOBS Publishing Group.

Magazine preview







Sweepstake tickets are available only through USAYESS team members, select Summit Safe Dealers (listed below), USAYESS National office or by making a donation though the USAYESS website by selecting any 'Donate Now' tab on this website .

USAYESS teams and Summit Dealers may download flier click here and Model click here


Funds will help support local USAYESS teams, USAYESS state affiliate organizations and the national program.


Please visit the following Summit Safe partners for your new safe and Sweepstas tickets.

Bakersfield, CA: T & T Liberty Safes. Inc. - (661) 393-3782

Boerne, Texas: Lone Star Gun Safes - (830) 981-9003

Enumclaw, Washington: Northwest Safe Co. - (888) 404-7233

Fort Collins, Colorado:  Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply - (970) 221-5133

Frederick, Maryland: Thompson Unlimited Inc. - (301) 631-1500

Las Vegas, Nevada: The Safe Keeper - (720) 873-7233

Mendon, Massachuetts:  Eastern Security Safe, LLC - (508) 473-1048

Ontario, California: West Coast Libertyy Safes Inc. - (800) 933-3515

Wasilla, Alaska:  Neil's Lock and Safe - (907) 373-0961




New Project ChildSafe Video on
Talking to Kids about Safety

Even if kids aren't asking about gun safety, that doesn't mean they don't have questions. Project ChildSafe has teamed up with Julie Golob, a veteran, competitive shooting sports champion, hunter and mom, to discuss the importance of gun safety education. She's joined by a group of kids whose thoughts about firearms will help inform parents about the best way to start a conversation. The result is an exclusive video — the first of its kind — to remind gun owners, shooting sports coaches, and parents alike about the importance of having this conversation with their families and their athletes. Join us in a discussion about what to say, how to say it and the key elements to think about when speaking to your familya and competitive shooting athletes about firearm safety.


April 3, 2015

What is IRS Form 990?

By Justin Williamson

It’s that time of year again… time to start thinking about your organization’s tax return filing. Some may not be aware of this annual requirement, or what even goes into this form. We created an FAQ to give a better understanding of this essential filing requirement:

Why File Form 990?

For starters, nearly every type of 501(c)(3) organization is required to file some version of the Form 990 to the IRS for each fiscal year (churches are the exception). Form 990 gives the IRS an overview of an organization’s activities throughout its last fiscal year. Filing this document also gives donors an understanding of how the organization is being managed and operated.

Which Version of Form 990 Should My Organization File?

There are several versions of the Form 990: 990-N, 990-EZ, 990 long form, 990-PF (for private foundations), and 990-T (for organizations with unrelated business income). Filing Forms 990-N, EZ, and long form depend upon the organization’s gross revenue. Our sales and compliance team can help you determine which Form 990 is appropriate for your organization’s filing.

What Is Included in the Form





Your generous donation will help with scholarship funding, teach youth firearm safety, competitive shooting skills, wildlife conservation, and life skills.

Thank you for your support



USA Youth Education in Shooting Sports (USAYESS) is proud to offer scholarships to USAYESS high school juniors and seniors.
USAYESS’s priority is to encourage youth to excel academically, develop goals and plans to become productive citizens, gain respect and knowledge for outdoor activities including firearm safety, and conservation of wildlife and wildlife habitat.


Scholarship donors include:

Leah Anne Borg Scholaership Fund


Association of COllege Unions International (ACUI)

Download Application



Peregrine Outdoor Products at Member Pricing

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These are free items and are a great way to build your team's endowment account and at the same time supply your team with cash in-hand. 


 *FREE to USAYESS State Affiliates and teams:

USAYESS is here to help set up our state association affiliates and their teams for success!


USAYESS Tri-Folds 

NSSF Child Safety Locks                                                  

USAYESS Stickers


USAYESS Banners: One per team.

USAYESS Display Booth and marketing material: Includes a 10'x8' display, Tri-Folds, table apron, lights, stickers and more..

Please click here for Request Form. Only available to USAYESS State Affiliates with at least five teams and 25 athletes, and USAYESS Teams with at least 20 athelets. Some shipping and handling costs.



We encourage ech state to have its own conference calling communication set up through Free Conference Calling. It's free, and  it's very simple to use.

Receive a account instantly with just an e-mail and password. Once you sign up, you will be provided with a Dial-in Number and Access Code for immediate conferencing, and an Online Meeting ID for hosting meetings with Screen Sharing and Video Conferencing.
Your account is available to you 24/7 and there is no need to schedule or make any reservations. Each audio conference can accommodate 1,000 callers on an unlimited number of free conference calls.




'Event Poster - For Printer' is a 11x17 poster designed for professional printing with a bleed. Click Here

'Event Poster - Standard' is a 11x17 poster which cn be printed on any printer capable of handling 11x17 paper. Click Here


NRA Level 2 Shotgun Certification

If you are a certified NRA Level 1 Shotgun Coach, You may become an NRA Level 2 Coach by doing the following:


American Sport Education Program

The American Sport Education Program (ASEP) helps improve the sport experience for youth by providing the highest quality instructional courses for coaches, administrators, and parents to positively influence amateur sport, resulting in a safer, more enjoyable, and valuable sport experience for all young athletes. This program challenges them to consider a healthier, athlete-centered philosophy and then provide the necessary tools to help put that philosophy to work in their local sports programs.

Many secondary school systems in the United States require ASEP certification for their athletic team coaches.

The ASEP Coaching Principles Course is required to become a Certified Level 2 Coach.

The ASEP Sport First Aid Course is available to fulfill the First Aid requirement to become a Certified Level 2 Coach.

Both of these ASEP courses may be taken online from ASEP. Go to the ASEP website for more information and to enroll. 



Team Recruitment Model Click Here

Excused Absence Form Click here

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Athlete Safety Pledge Certificate Click here

Handbook Click here


Program Model Click here

Pledge Sheet Click here

Banner (Blank) Click here

The right side of the banner is left blank in order for teams and or states to insert sponsor, donor, or any other logos.




USAYES teams receive a 10% discount on your team's order from Crown Awards. 

Coaches may contact Arty McGriff at 1-800-542-6044 ext. 304. Please have your current team number available.



Starting a 501 c (3)?

The Foundation Group will help with all your questions, including turn-key 501 c (3)'s, and more.



Gun Fit is one of the most important aspects of shotguning; it improves accuracy and comfort. Most shotguns are built for the average male. Even though manufacturers are starting to manufacture both youth and womens models, odds are most people start out with equipmenmt that does not fit them. A gun that doesn't fit causes misses, and will most likely hurt after a while. The end result will be frustration and possibly not be fun and the person gives up on the game.

So here is a video on gun fit by Don Currie that might help in understanding what Gun Fit means.

Click here


Some other areas of gun fit are adjustable comb and butt-plate.

The comb is the top of the stock; some guns come with an adjustable comb or a gunsmith might be able to put on. Our firends at Graco Corporation can help with this. An adjustable comb can be adjusted up, left or right. In gunsmith terms the left or right is refered to as cast-on or cast-off.

The other area is the butt-plate. This is the end of the stack that rests on the shoulder. There are several different kinds of butt-plates. Our friends at KICK-EEZ have a butt-plate that will fit your gun. A butt-plate should adjust up, down, and swivel (cant). Cant is very important for women due to upper body muscles.




Bender Cheat Sheets are a summary of the basics of skeet singles. 




Gil Ash of OSP Shooting School shows us the ins and outs of breaking clays. Take this knowledge to the range and start breaking more clays!





USAYESS congratulates all members of the USAYESS STRAIGHT CLUB for all their hard work in achieving their goals.        



Sam Guerra, TX

Kaitlyn Lilly, NE

Lauren Reilly, NE

Jordan Schneider, NE

Abdrew Harders, NE

Tristen Evans, NE

Jimmy Riley, NE

Tommy Childres, NE

Tommy McFarland, NE

Harrison Webb, NE

Crispin Perales, NE

Aiden Bonahoom, NE

Chance White, AK

Joe McAnally, AK

Haley Lincoln, AK

Dalton Dorn, AK

Jacob Buchanon, AK

Nick Edwards, AK

Bailey Horne, AK

James Lott, AK

Tyler Moprrison, AK

Elias Graham, AK

Connor Seay, AK

Mitchell Martiny, AK

Ruger Parker, AK

Ben Scarbrough. AK

Katarina Borg, AK

Kayden Vacendak, AK

Keaton Sharp, TX

Karson Russel, NE

Trey Nelson, NE

Gus Dunbar, NE

Vance Johnson, NE

Austin TRussel, NE

Tavin Russel, NE

Joey Culerwell, WA

Nathan Ricks, TX

James Bushnell, WA

Nate Wattenbarger, TN

Max Guerra, TX

Ty Stone, TN

Allyson Peterson, TN

Sarah Rayburn, TX

Garret Coles, TX

Parker Landers, TN

Cooper Wyatt, TN

Evan Lerma - TX

Kyle Watts - TX

Zack Glenn - NV

Mitchell Scott - NV

Evan Halverson - WA

Allison Cooper - OR

Isaac Cordova - NV

Brandon Hagaer - NV

Tommy Schaaf - WA

 Jasper Copelan - GA

Brandon Samples - GA

Morgan Chambers - TN

Will March - GA

Jorden Grimes - GA

Justin Hendricks - GA

Smantha Simonton - GA

Jonathan Hampton - TN

Zach Reads - TN



Sam Guerra, TX

Kaitlyn Lilly, NE

Colby Lord, AK

Alex Clark, AK

Dakota Bishop, TX

Jake Hamm, TX

Lake Bishop, 

Phillip Segner, TX

Warren Scott - TX

Blayne Scallon - TX

Melissa Barringer - TX

Cole Yackel - TX

Cody Park - TX

Grady Reynolds - TX

Gracin Anderson -  TN



Jessica Lincoln, AK

Jerreimiah McFarland - WA

Cody Escrett - NE

J.J. Iltz - WA

Abby Denmark - WA


100 STRAIGHT CLUB                                          

Max Guerra, TX

Adam Trujillo, AK

Rachelle Barringer, TX                 

Colton Call, WA

Max Jester, WA

Coltor Rock, UT






2017 Elm Fork

2016 Nebraska One Box Rock Crushers (NE) - 1601

2015 Victoria 4-H Shotgun Club (TX) - 1388

2014 Colville Shooting Stars (WA) - 1371



2017 Robertson

2016 Gus Dunbar (NE) - 327

2015 Hayden Webel (TX) - 287

2014 Tyler Trinastich (NE) - 286



2017 Haylyn Hanks (TX) - 

2016 Kara Fiolek (TX) - 310

2015 Melissa Berringer (TX) - 283

2014 Melissa Berringer (TX) - 284





P.O. Box 1022  |   Colville, WA  99114  |  PHONE:   831-229-4872  |  FAX:   509.684.6349